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BOSS Program 

Through BOSS™ (Business Of Student Success), We’re Equipping Boys, Especially Boys Of Color, With The Tools To Succeed In School, In The Community And Professionally, With An Emphasis On STEAM, Critical Thinking/Writing And Related Fields. We Also Leverage The Power Of Sport To Inspire Boys To Pursue Greatness

5 Years of Impact and Counting

Resources Lead

To Success

Resources are what dictate how successful kids are likely to be in the future.

For inner city boys and boys of color, they lack the basic resources needed to reach the same success as more “advantaged” households.

That’s why the BOSS™ program was created: to create an equal playing field for all inner city boys and boys of color  so they too can come from “advantaged households” and have an equal opportunity to achieve personal and professional success.

We’ve been supplementing what schools and families can’t provide for 5 years running, through year-round and multi-year academic guidance, career exposure and networking, life advice, positive role models, resources and equipment.

During the school year, we provide individual tutoring and academic coaching, meet year, we provide individual tutoring and academic coaching, meet regularly as a group, in person and virtually, and expose our boys to amazing real world experiences and opportunities for advocacy and service.


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Where Young Minds Are Empowered to Soar, To Sail, To Step Forward Bravely Into The Unknown, Being Guided More By Imagination Than Memory, And Ultimately To Reach Beyond Their Fears And Failures

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