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Hi, My name is Mehedi Hasan Nahid, I am a web developer.

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XPRO Inc. was founded by Willie Williams, who spent thirteen years as a player in the National Football League and is the only player who was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers 1996 and 2006 Super Bowl teams.  Willie started XPRO to inspire that next generation of athletes and provide a framework from which athletes can become entrepreneurs and generate revenue long after the end of their active playing days, take control of their brand, and invest in themselves

The XPRO and ESP partnership will evolve around the design, production and marketing of a line of BOSS™ Gear.  The partnership will incorporate technology, mentoring, planning and marketing of a real business to produce tangible results.  Specifically, the partnership will help BOSS student-athletes

  • Unlock their creativity and discover pathways to opportunity in a real business
  • Connect to a real-life learning experience they find meaningful and challenging
  • Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that are important to entrepreneurial success
  • Learn real world business practices such as business management, e-commerce skills, financial management, leadership development, marketing, sales, and team building
  • Become change agents who use innovation to exploit opportunity, evaluate risk, create and market a valuable product

Stay tuned for our BOSS™ gear.  In the meantime, support our entrepreneurial effort by purchasing some of your gear from XPRO.  The gear is great, and a portion of each purchase through our  XPRO BOSS store goes directly to support BOSS™ programming.